About Golden Spirit Kreations

Golden Spirit Kreations is owned and operated by Kinsyn Rhee. Kinsyn Rhee lives in Colorful Colorado, born and raised, with her husband, three cats (Hatachi, Angel, Dumpling) Two turtles, (Einstein and Aristotle) and their Pitbull, Kronos. Kinsyns' passions include, reading, writing, painting and of course CRYSTALS!

Golden Spirit Kreations was brought into existence because of Kinsyns love of crystals and working with her hands. After fulling diving into the world of crystals, and finding her path as a Crystal Witch, Kinsyn moved from wrapping crystals for her self, to wrapping crystals for others.

Golden Spirit Kreations Goal is to kreate unique items, and share the beauty of the Crystal and Mineral World. Sharing not only the metaphysical aspects of crystals, but also the incredible process behind how each crystal is formed by mother earth.

Each stone is ethically sourced, and handled with love and good intentions.