About me

About me

Hello, and welcome to my page! 

My name is Kinsyn. I am a Colorado Native, who lives with her Husband, three cats, Hatachi, Angle and Dumpling, two turtles, Einstein and Aristotle, and one pitbull named Kronos. I work full time as a Manager at Home Depot, however my other passions include, reading, writing, painting, and crystals. I am also a proud member of the Native American Choctaw Tribe, and a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

My dreams one day are to run Golden Spirit Kreations full time, and be a published author.

Ever since I was a kid I had my eyes to the ground looking for unique rocks in my backyard and on every hike I went on. At 16 years old my Grami gave me my first tourmaline pendant after a rough patch in my life. (Tourmaline is known for repelling negative energy and helping one fight anxiety.) I suffer from anxiety, and while I have found many other healthy avenues to manage my anxiety, I've worn a tourmaline pendant everyday since.  

In 2015 I attended my first Gem and Mineral Show at the Denver Colosseum, and got my first glimpse into the exquisite world of Crystals. 


In 2019 on a whim I ordered some cabochans and some wire, and found a passion in working with the wire.

In 2020, it took off, not only in growing and expanding my skills in wire wrapping, but also in growing my collection of Crystals (currently over 500 pieces).

In 2021 I found my path as a Crystal witch. Meditating, and manifesting with crystals, and discovering more about my self along the way. 

As I begin 2022, I am excited to continue this journey, and to keep growing and Expanding Golden Spirit Kreations.