Custom Order

Custom Order are welcome for both pendants and Crystal Trees of Life. 

To place a customer order, either contact me through Instagram, facebook or through the contact link on the website. We can work out details from there. I will take the time to find a spesific stone that you need if I don't currently have it. I am willing to try new things, and will do my best to reach your goal. 

Custom Orders will be sent through a Paypal invoice and a deposit of half the cost will be required upon agreement of finalizing Custom orders. 

Depending on if I have what you are looking for in stock or not will depend upon the time it will take to complete the order. Trees can take over 24 hours to complete to allow the adhesive to dry which keeps the tree attached to the base stone.  If I have to order the chips for the bead they useally arrive within one week of placeing the order. As soon as the chips arrive I can start on the tree. 

For pendants it will depend on what stone your looking for. I have a few go to Vendor on hand that ship me items within one week. However if they do not have what you are looking for then I have to do some searching, and it can take time depending on where the stone is comming from. 

I do my best to make sure every stone purchased is made from ethically sourced vendors.

Large custom orders are accepted as well. For any custom order I will need a 2-3 week notice, BEFORE the date that you need them to be delivered. Again depending on if I have what you are looking for in stock or not, will depend on how fast I can fufil the order.

With any other questions or concerns please reach out to me at

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